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Government relations


Goal Holdings Group has relations with government officials and departments at the municipal, provincial and federal levels both locally and in some foreign countries.

Organizational Structures

Our group has experience and is actively involved in dealing with government, public institutions and other types of complex organizational structures. Dealing with government is much different than dealing with the private sector and has its own complexities and nuances. We have the expertise and knowledge on how to penetrate and develop business with these types of stakeholders.

Government Network

We employ consultants, business developers and subcontractors that are specialized in gaining government support and funding for our projects. Each government program is specific and as a result we use specific personnel to administer every individual program.

Key Partners

We are not in the business of directly generating government support for our partner companies. However, we will guide them and provide them access to our network. This ultimately results in more support for our partner companies and less risk for our investors.